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Sem ouro para o bem do Brasil

Sem ouro para o bem do Brasil

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Sem ouro para o bem do Brasil [Without gold for the good of Brazil] (2023) is an object conceived by Rivane Neuenschwander with reference to the “Ouro para o bem do Brasil” campaign by the recently instated military government (1964). The population was urged to make patriotic donations of their gold belongings, receiving a nickel ring engraved with the phrase “I donated gold for the good of Brazil.” A sum that reached billions of Cruzeiros was amassed, but the final destination of the resources is still unknown. Gold, that lead to the devastation of whole ecosystems and indigenous modes of living in Brazil, in a critical gesture that emphasizes Amazonian materials. The tucum ring is symbolically associated with resistance to the dictatorship by Don Pedro Casaldáliga (1928 – 2020), a Spanish clergyman associated with Liberation Theology, used to declare allegiance to popular and indigenous causes.


  • Year: 2023
  • Edition: Series of 206 rings | Unnumbered
  • Dimensions: Variable
  • Technique: Laser engraving on coconut rings